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Beat The Winter Rush: Why You Should Get Your New Boiler Installation This Summer

Get a New Boiler Installation this summer

Summer may seem an unusual time to think about replacing your boiler, especially as our central heating usage drops during the warmer months. However, there are several reasons why summer is in fact the best time to get that new boiler installed.

From preparing for winter, to saving money and the energy-efficient advantages, we will take you through a list of the main reasons why you should consider replacing your boiler this summer.

Lower Risk of Emergency Breakdown

The last thing you want in the colder months is a broken boiler. What’s more, calling a plumber in the middle of winter, when they’re in high demand, is likely to be a lot more expensive.

Replacing your boiler in the summer reduces the chance of emergency breakdowns in winter, saving you the cost of an emergency plumber and giving you peace of mind, as well as keeping you warm and cosy when you rely on heating the most.


You may be able to save on installation costs if you upgrade during the summer. Many heating companies offer discounts and promotions over the warmer months, so taking advantage of these could help you save on the purchase of your boiler and its installation process. We all know that heating and energy bills can soar over the winter months, but a newly installed boiler will be functioning efficiently when winter arrives, lowering the costs of bills and eliminating the need for winter repairs.

Faster Installation

Winter is an especially busy time for heating engineers, and as a result there may be a longer wait to get your new boiler installed. What’s more, the engineers are likely to have less availability, meaning you may have to settle for an appointment at a time less convenient to you.

Upgrading your boiler in summer lets you avoid peak demand periods, allowing you to set up an appointment sooner and ensuring a faster installation process. You will also have more time to explore your options and compare quotes from different companies, giving you more time to find an installer that’s right for you.

Energy Efficiency

A lot of people are looking to improve the energy efficiency of their boilers to reduce high energy costs and to help do their bit towards saving the planet.

Combi boilers are often a better choice to a conventional boiler, as you only heat water when you need it. Conventional boilers heat up a whole hot water tank on a regular basis, whether you use it all or not.

If your boiler is inefficient, replacing your boiler in the summer makes perfect sense. You can take advice on boilers with a high energy efficiency rating and research them fully, to ensure you choose the best one.

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